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VA claims backlog can take up to 3 years to clear - Vets can't wait that long

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Veterans deserve better treatment

Partners for Telehealth Solutions (PTS) was founded by a veteran who spent 9 years of his life fighting for his rightful disability benefits. The only reason he finally got declared 100% disabled was because a kind Vietnam veteran told him exactly what to do.

But imagine if that veteran hadn't been there to help? What would have happened then?

Every day veterans get denied their rightful disability claim rating because they don't know how to tell their story. Or they may not have all the documentation it takes, or worse yet, they don't even know where to start. Let's face it - the prospect of all that paperwork is daunting.

That's why PTS was founded and that's what we do. Help veterans. But we need your help to do so.

Helping vets understand their benefits and filing their claims is crucial to getting them access to all the new telehealth technology that's available. Because so many veterans can't get access to healthcare without paying out of pocket, we recently purchased a 19-passenger bus so that we can provide service to vets in remote locations. These vets are particularly vulnerable because the nearest medical center can be miles away making telehealth technology a critical component of their health care. The bus isn't new and we hope to renovate it to make it a state-of-the-art Mobile Claims Unit where we can service as many as 5 vets at a time aboard the bus. We need your help to renovate the bus.

The CellaPhone program provides free cell phones and mobile devices to veterans who rely on telehealth technology to manage their chronic medical conditions. We need your help to scrub, repair, store and deliver these devices to vets.

The Linen Closet provides veterans and their families with household goods as they transition from military life to civilian life. The transition isn't easy and having to re-establish a household can be costly. There is never a cost to use the Linen Closet but the program costs money to run. We need your help to inventory, track, store, pack and deliver the goods.

In order to provide these services to veterans we need support from people like you. People who care about the soldiers who fought overseas only to come back with missing limbs, hearing loss and/or impairment, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or mental health issues like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Untreated, PTSD can lead to laconism and drug addiction, homelessness and even suicide. Don't our veterans deserve better?

We think so and hope you agree. So make that donation today. Do it now, do it today. And know what a difference your donation can make in the life of one of our nation's heroes.

On behalf of the veterans we serve, thank you.

Michael L. Johnson
Founder and CEO

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