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Rose was 19 years old when she enlisted in the military. And why not? Her two brothers were both in the Army and Rose wanted to leave her small town and see the world.

On one of Rose's deployments she got hit by a roadside bomb. Rose was just 24 years old. Despite her back, shoulder and knee injuries Rose endured another 5 years in the military before she was forced her to retire.

But Rose's work wasn't over. She still had a daughter to raise and as a single mom who needed additional operations for her knee and shoulder it was an uphill battle.

This is why Partners for Telehealth Solutions was founded. To enhance the quality of life for Veterans and military families that are caught up in the healthcare system. To help Veterans like Rose get the benefits they so deserve. Can we count on your support?

We want to help thousand more veterans like Rose but we can't do it without YOU. For every Rose we help there are thousands more we cannot touch….YET.

This holiday season we have a goal of $5,000 which will support the creation of our call-in center. We're inviting you to give a gift of at least $25 which will ensure we reach that goal. You can do that here.

Can we count on you?

Michael L. Johnson
President and Founder

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