A Cell Phone Can Change a Veteran's Life

Every 65 seconds a Vet commits suicide

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There is a new approach to providing medical care to veterans and it's called telehealth. Telehealth uses communications technologies to deliver care and case management to veterans. It effectively changes the location where healthcare services can be provided, making care accessible to veterans in their local communities and even in their homes. This is particularly crucial for veterans living in communities where health resources are few and far between. And at the crux of all this technology is something very simple - a cell phone.

Partners for Telehealth Solutions (PTS) provides free cell phones and mobile devices to veterans who utilize telehealth resources - and the truth is, there is too much demand to meet the need. In addition to supplying mobile devices, we also pay the veterans cell phone bill every month. To a veteran contemplating taking his life, a simple phone call on a cell phone can make the difference between life and death.

We need your help because it takes money to collect, scrub, store and repair the cell phones. We need money to buy chargers, batteries and all the peripherals that come with mobile devices - because we accept phones in any condition. And obviously we need money to pay the veteran's cell phone bill every month.

Can we count on your support? Cell phones are everywhere and we tend to take them for granted. But what if that cell phone was your lifeline? To a veteran, it very well could mean the difference between life and death.

Please think about the veterans you know and think about their service to this country. Then give and give generously to help those who so selflessly gave so much to keep us safe. They need your help and we need your support. Please help us today.

On behalf of the veterans we serve, thank you.

Michael L. Johnson
Founder and CEO

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